Sleep Your Way To Better Skin

Just a quarter of British adults say that they sleep very well most nights. While it’s no surprise to hear that getting a good night’s sleep is the key to looking and feeling our best, it seems that as many as a third of us are getting by on far less than our bodies need, only five to six hours a night.

We all know how a bad night’s sleep leaves us feeling, with low energy levels and mood, but chronic sleep deprivation can have profound consequences on our physical and mental health. Lack of sleep increases our risk of obesity, heart disease and diabetes, not to mention depression and anxiety.

Most of us need around 8 hours of good quality sleep a night to function properly and maintain overall health and well-being. Sleep boosts our immunity and guards against stress, age-related diseases and prematurely ageing skin.

The concept of beauty sleep isn’t a myth. During the day our skin is working to keep hydrated and protected, but at night when we sleep our bodies enter a recovery mode and cell rejuvenation takes place. This is when our skin repairs, regenerates and detoxifies. Collagen and elastin are produced at night, making skin plumper and increasing its elasticity.

To maximise the benefits of your skins night time repair mode, be sure to cleanse away oil and daily grime before you go to bed. Apply moisturiser with skin nourishing essential oils and antioxidant rich plant extracts to protect from dryness and aid healing.

As well as following a good nightly skincare routine, help your body prepare for a good night’s sleep by embracing a regular bedtime routine. Create the right environment by making your bedroom completely dark and free of electronic devices. E-devices emit the same wavelength of light as the morning sun. Enjoy your caffeine in the morning and avoid eating heavy meals close to bedtime.

The benefits of a good sleep routine that gives the right amount of sleep most nights can have profound long-term health benefits including a glowing complexion and healthy skin.