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We are always delighted to hear your feedback, here are just a few comments & reviews about Dartmoor Skincare products.

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Love a visit with Tara. I am always thoroughly relaxed during and when I leave no matter what treatment I have. Tara is always happy to help and give advice whether it be her own products/treatment or not which is really great as not many professionals would! 5 Stars.


I suffer from sensitive skin and fibromyalgia. My old shampoo company discontinued my shampoo, leaving me with a problem. All other shampoos smell strong or leave my hair greasy. A fellow fibro sufferer recommend the Dartmoor Skincare Company. Turns out I had one of the shampoo bars from my fruit and veg delivery, as they stock shampoo too. OMG the results are amazing. No strong smell, no greasy hair. Shiny and looks amazing. If you suffer sensitive skin, fibro or any other similar issues, this company is amazing. And eco friendly. Can’t recommend enough.

Anon, Devon

No Plastic Fantastic – I have been using this conditioner (and the shampoo) for about a year now. Works well on my aging, fine, dry hair and combs through easily. You can leave in for extra conditioning. Lasts ages, ethical ingredients, cruelty free and local (for me). What’s not to like. Excellent personal service too by the way


By far the best conditioning bar I have used. Hair feels lovely and soft. Easy to comb through, even when wet. Each bar lasts two of us (with long hair) about 3 months, great value.


Gorgeous hand cream, smells divine. Small amount goes a long way. I have severe eczema on my hands and this cream is perfect.


Would like to say how much I enjoy using your products. In particular, I like your cream cleanser followed by your moisturiser. My skin seems to have improved since I started this regime. Your shampoo too is great and my hair [and my husband’s] has much appreciated the natural ingredients. In fact, it is hard to pick out a favourite product as they all have their plus points and reading the ingredients could only make one want to use them.


I have ditched bottled hair conditioners since discovering the Dartmoor Skincare conditioner bar, it calms the frizz and leaves my long hair easy to brush. Lasts ages too.

Anon, Devon

These products are fantastic. It is so reassuring that they are made from only the best ingredients with no hidden nasties. They smell gorgeous too


Great , if you are not using these products especially the cleanser and moisturiser you don’t know what you are missing!


Soft and luscious products, smell divine and packaged beautifully.


A beautifully natural product, which leaves my face feeling soft all the time. It makes me feel good knowing that I’m using the best natural ingredients on my skin.


I can’t speak highly enough of all of the Dartmoor Skincare range. I received a gift of them from my Mum a couple of months ago and have been using them non stop since. For someone who suffers from psoriasis I find it really difficult to find face wash & moisturiser which is free from sulphates, made from natural ingredients, which not only works but smells beautifully. I’ve had no reaction at all to any of the products and have found them extremely gentle to my skin. Would highly recommend for anyone with sensitive skin or anyone looking to use a more natural product but still have lovely fresh skin.”


My husband and I went on a four week pilgrimage through Spain and Portugal. We walked the whole way and had to carry everything in a backpack, so obviously couldn’t take very much. We took a shampoo bar each and washed our hair, bodies and clothes with it. It was amazing and lasted our whole trip!


I’ve been searching for an eye cream for years and years, possibly even decades. I’ve tried expensive, recommended, celebrity endorsed, off the shelf and online…ordered and never found anything that works…until now! This eye cream is incredible. I rarely make recommendations but I’ve not stopped telling everyone I know about this cream – genuinely makes a difference and does exactly what it says on the ‘tin’.Thank you Dartmoor Skincare.


Such wonderful products! I’m currently using the lovely hand and nail cream which smells amazing and has definitely helped my hands during all this cold weather. Also love that the products are cruelty free – sadly many of the larger brands aren’t.


I’ve been using prescribed steroid creams on my face for 20 years for pimples that blister. I decided to give this moisturiser a try and am thrilled to have been able to ditch the steroids. I was so impressed that I brought the moisturiser to my dermatology appointment at Derriford Hospital and the consultant knew all about the products and told me to keep using them. He examined the ingredients and product closely. Highly recommended!


I love these products, I’ve never used parabens on my children’s skin, we were abroad recently and my son broke out in an acne type rash on the cheeks of his face, some kind of allergy, it looked angry and sore, we tried a few things, then I thought I’d try my Dartmoor Moisturiser, amazingly the next morning it had gone! I was really pleased, as was my rather vain son! They smell lovely, my skin always feels soft and well moisturised, I’ve put more products on my birthday list


Tara recommended the Lavender and Rose Geranium Body Cream when I mentioned that I have very dry skin on my legs and couldn’t seem to find anything that works. This cream is amazing I don’t even have to use it every day. My legs are totally different.


Love the moisturiser, I’ve had several lovely compliments from my friends about the change in my skin which has become so soft and wouldn’t use anything else now.


Fantastic cleanser for make up removal, doesn’t irritate my skin at all and leaves it feeling so soft and clean. Cannot recommend it enough!


We have stopped using shower gel, your soap is so much better, easy to use, no squeezing and shaking of shower gel bottle, no plastic waste, lots of suds and a lovely perfume.


Lemony freshness! I was surprised at how substantial the Dartmoor Skincare shampoo bar was & how well it lathered up, it was easy to use and left my hair with a satisfying squeak. I didn’t use a conditioner like I usually do but my hair still felt easy to comb after rinsing, must be all those oils. I was glad of the short video to help me steer clear of the backcomb effect whilst lathering. I have long hair which is quite dry and can frizz up but I must say after a quick blow dry my hair looks calm and feels really soft. I am impressed.


Good quality shampoo bar, reaches a rich lather quickly and easily and leaves hair squeaky clean. You need very little so the bar will last a long time (make sure you keep it dry between uses, I have made a linen pouch for mine). Buy the conditioning bar to use in conjunction with the shampoo – you won’t regret it. Has produced excellent results on my fine, dry ageing hair. LOVE IT!


Thick creamy hand cream. Smells absolutely Beautiful.
Most hand creams I have used lately, seems to dry my hands out more. This certainly moisturises my hands.


I’ve been using the conditioner bars for a few months now, and my hair has never felt so soft or looked so shiny! I’ve been converted from the Lush bars I bought before and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to transition to packaging-free haircare products.


As a bloke with short, fairly thin hair I find the shampoo bars quick and easy to use, no bottles, no plastic. Smell nice too. The tin is ideal in combo.