Freshen Up Your Skincare for 2019!

tara making products

Refresh and rejuvenate your skincare for 2019 with my five top hints and tips!

Avoid Irritants

Inflammation can make skin age faster and cause it to become red, inflamed and itchy. Top of my list of ingredients to avoid would be sulphates (SLS/sodium laureth sulphate). This is the ingredient that makes products foam. When I avoided this in my children’s toiletries their eczema flare ups would disappear.

Go natural

Synthetic fragrances are the most common cause of skin sensitivities and if they are present you will find them described on the ingredients list as ‘parfum’ or ‘fragrance.’ Products scented with essential oils are a much better option if you want a true natural perfume that is gentle on your skin.

Out with the old

Most beauty products now have an open jar symbol on the packaging (period after opening) which indicates how long the product should be used for after it has been opened. This is usually for 12 months, so ditch that lipstick, moisturiser or mascara that’s been lurking in your makeup bag for years on end! Expired makeup will sit differently on your skin and old moisturiser will become less effective. Preservatives in your cosmetics will start to deteriorate and bacteria can start to form.

Go organic

Organic ingredients contain higher levels of many beneficial antioxidants, omegas, vitamins and minerals which nourish, repair and replenish your skin while plants grown organically show increased amounts of vital antioxidant vitamins. Natural ingredients are much kinder to the skin than their chemical alternatives and are far less likely to cause reactions. However, everyone has different sensitives so it’s worth doing a patch test if you often experience adverse reactions.

Try a facial

Treating yourself to a facial might be just what you need to rejuvenate your skin. A regular facial is not just an hour of bliss but can keep your skin looking smooth and radiant throughout the year. A good facial will thoroughly cleanse and exfoliate your skin, boost cell regeneration and improve blood circulation. Everything you need for a glowing complexion.