Dartmoor Pure Water

Water In Skincare

It’s a fact of life that our skin care creams contain water, just take a look at the ingredients list on any cream based product and sure enough you’ll see aqua (water) listed as the first ingredient.  This means it’s the highest percentage ingredient in your product. Ingredients have to be listed by law in order of the highest percentage by volume.

The water in mass produced products is purified tap water, a somewhat lifeless product that suits it purpose for large scale production. This is where as a small batch producer we come into our own.

Dartmoor Pure Water

At the Dartmoor Skincare Company our water is supplied by a local, family-run company Pure Dartmoor Water. Dartmoor’s granite filtered, mineral enriched water adds a purity to our creams that cannot be reproduced in mass-manufacture. There is nothing more pure or organic than crystal-clear water drawn from deep under Dartmoor.

Pure Dartmoor Water sources it’s water directly from a Dartmoor spring. An impeller pump, working as a propeller inside the pipe, spins it up from underground. The water does not run off the moorland, but is pushed up from underneath the surface, which positively charges the ions. The impeller pump makes it three times more oxygenated than tap water. No chlorine or any other chemicals are added.

Skin Benefits 

The increased oxygen content that the water provides is beneficial for your skin as oxygen has been shown to heal wounds, increase blood supply and cell metabolism in the skin. A study suggests oxygen may even ward off wrinkles!

The enriched mineral content of the water also has a multitude of benefits for your skin. Minerals play a key role in our skin health and help to make it radiant by facilitating enzyme function, aiding cell renewal and encouraging healing.

The lack of chlorine and other chemicals in Pure Dartmoor Water is another added bonus for your skin as chlorine can cause dryness and also kill friendly bacteria.

We are proud to work with Pure Dartmoor Water, their tag line ‘Fresh From The Moor’ fits perfectly with our ‘Inspired By Nature’ ethos.