Top 5 Skincare Tips for Eczema

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Living with eczema can be distressing. Think dry, red, inflamed and itchy skin and not being able to pin down the cause. The oily barrier of the skin tends to be reduced in people with eczema which makes the skin dry. Both my children suffered from eczema when they were little which turned me into a cosmetic ingredient detective to try and help their flare ups. Here I share the top tips that worked for us:

Avoid Irritants

I found if I avoided Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (the ingredient that makes your product foam) their flare ups would disappear.

Avoid Artificial Fragrances & Colours

Eczema can be triggered by different ingredients so there is an element of trial and error, but often artificial fragrances and colours are the culprits, so it’s worth avoiding products that contain these things. I am always happy to send out samples of my range if you would like to try them, as I appreciate finding the right product can be an expensive exercise!


You may not like using them, but sometimes you’ve just got to go with it to get a flare up under control.

Washing Detergents

I avoided biological washing powders and fabric conditioners opting for non-biological products and no fabric conditioner when eczema was a problem for us.


Thicker creams such as our Lavender & Rose Geranium Body Cream work better than thin lotions. Apply creams every day to keep the skin hydrated, especially at bedtime.


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