We are officially cruelty free!

Millions of animals are suffering in experiments around the world. Did you know that 80% of the world still allows animals to be used in cosmetic testing? Cruelty Free International takes action to help them by working to end animal experiments worldwide.

We were delighted to be officially awarded cruelty free status in May by the Leaping Bunny programme. The Leaping Bunny programme is operated in the UK by Cruelty Free International. This Leaping Bunny endorsement from Cruelty Free International and its international affiliates demonstrates that The Dartmoor Skincare Company has met their stringent criteria.

There is no regulation on the term cruelty free, so to find official cruelty free brands, you can do a Leaping Bunny product search on the Cruelty Free International website. You can also filter your search to look for vegetarian and vegan brands www.crueltyfreeinternational.org

If you’re still unsure about a brand and contact them directly you can ask them whether their products or ingredients are tested on animals. It’s also a good idea to check whether anyone tests on their behalf and if they sell in mainland China that’s a big red flag as animal testing is required there by law.

The Dartmoor Skincare Company is now listed on the Cruelty Free International website as being Leaping Bunny certified https://www.crueltyfreeinternational.org/LeapingBunny and you’ll find our cruelty free certification being celebrated on their social media channels https://www.facebook.com/CrueltyFreeInternational and https://twitter.com/CrueltyFreeIntl