Tester Feedback – Free From Skincare Awards

We were thrilled to bits to receive tester feedback last week from the Free From Skincare Awards on our shortlisted product, our Naturally Nourishing Hand & Nail Cream. We’ll let the comments speak for themselves!

Naturally Nourishing Hand & Nail Cream

“Very easy to understand instructions especially the benefits of applying at bedtime.  Easy to use cream with good viscosity for a hand cream – not too thick or thin. Hands immediately felt silky and soft almost like a pair of invisible gloves had been applied.  It left hands feeling non greasy but really well moisturised.  They looked much more plumped up than normal. The product absorbs immediately without any greasy residue so is perfect for a hand cream.  I left it on my desk at work so that I could use it after I’d washed my hands each time and it was absolutely fine for me to use my computer keyboard without any greasy marks.  You can’t say that about many hand creams. It was a really good product and I felt it kept my hands moisturised and soft all day every day.   I do feel that a long term benefit is that my hands are softer.  I would have liked to try this product after gardening as I think that’s may be when it would come into it’s own.  I don’t currently have any hard skin on which to try it.   I would buy it and use it again. It is a great hand cream – one of the best I’ve ever used.  Product was in a lovely pot with natural looking pictures conducive with the organic claims on the packaging.”

“Instructions are clear and product was easy to use first time. The first time I used this product I immediately noticed how much more brighter, smoother and hydrated my hands looked they felt so much softer too. I really like the texture of this product – it’s creamy and super moisturising without feeling heavy or sticky. The scent is non offensive and very delicate. I think the texture is perfect for a hand cream and the scent works well too, though I do prefer more scent to my handcream – if given a choice. This hand cream absorbs so well, in just a couple of minutes but the product still manages to leave a really comfortable film of moisture. I found this product works so well on a day to day basis, it never fails to condition my skin regardless of what I have been doing with my hands – gardening, DIY or just having to wash my hands multiple times in a few hours the cream continues to protect my hands. My skin has improved over the month – my hands look smoother, more hydrated and a little less scaly they also feel much softer. The hand cream delivered as it improved the health and condition of my hands and I will be finishing the pot. Labelling is informative, clear and easy to read. I like that there is an outer sleeve which holds more information about the product. Packaging comes in a sturdy plastic pot that is easy to open and close even with creamed up hands. Lots of naturally moisturising ingredients which are great. This is a lovely little hand cream for conditioning and hydration, excellent anytime of the day as it absorbs so beautifully.”

“Very easy to understand and use. My hands looked and felt immediately better, smoother, and the skin was more supple, and it made my hands look younger too. Surprisingly light texture given how effective the product is, and the fragrance was fairly light and neutral. I liked both. This cream was quite light, and absorbed well without too much rubbing. It didn’t leave my skin feeling sticky or tacky or slippery.  – the cream worked extremely well, and soothed my dry, chapped hands, even after a full day of having my hands in and out of detergent, which dries my skin out terribly – once I’d applied this cream, my hands were left feeling soft and smooth again.  My skin seemed to be smoother, and some rough cracked patches cleared up, especially if I used the cream nightly. My cuticles were also in better condition.  I would definitely buy and use this product again – a little bit goes a long way, I still have most of a pot left after testing for a month,.  I thought it worked exactly as I would wish it to. I initially thought this cream was a little pricey – but given how far such a small amount goes, it represents good value for money. I love the fact that it’s in a tub, and not a squeeze tube, as it means I can get to the last of the product without any wastage. I carried the pot with me in my handbag – I was initially worried about the top working loose, leakage, or dirt getting trapped under the lip of the lid – I needn’t have worried, none of these things happened.”