Beat The Microbead For National Marine Week!

Photo courtesy of Nicholas Rigg

National Marine Week: July 29th – August 12th 2017

“If someone eats six oysters, it is likely they will have eaten 50 particles of microplastics!”

To celebrate National Marine week, at The Dartmoor Skincare Company we are renewing our pledge to never use microbeads in any of our skincare products. We are joining beauty experts and ethical campaigners to ban the inclusion of these tiny pieces of plastic.

Washing your face or brushing your teeth can harm the sea, yourself and your children. Trillions of microbeads are accumulating in the world’s seas and lakes, harming marine life and entering the food chain.

Companies such as Asda, Avon, the Bodyshop, L’Oreal and Boots are pledging not to use microbeads in their own brand products, although be sure to check the other brands that these stores stock.

The Swedish ban on microbeads is to come into effect by 2020. Six other European countries have joined Sweden’s initiative: Finland, France, Iceland, Ireland, Luxemburg and Norway.

About 86 tonnes of microplastics are released into the environment every year in the UK from facial exfoliants alone.

Microbeads are convenient and cheap ways for companies to add exfoliates to their products, indeed 10% of a product can be made up of microplastics. So perhaps if you are exploring your relationship with the sea during National Marine Week, then take the time to search out skincare products that use natural alternatives such as jojoba grains, sugar, salt and oats, and remember that you can shop with confidence at The Dartmoor Skincare Company!

Photo courtesy of Nick Rigg