Reducing our plastic on World Oceans Day

Dartmoor Skincare

World Oceans Day is a global movement to protect our oceans and we want to do our bit. We know how blessed we are to live and work in Devon, a stunning county with two coastlines. We are lucky enough to be able to enjoy Devon’s 450 miles of glorious beaches.

When we started out 100% of our products were in plastic. Now our range is 60% zero waste. The last four products we have launched have been zero waste bars; soap, shampoo bars and conditioner bars.

Every day we are working towards reducing our plastic. We used to mail our all our internet orders in boxes wrapped in plastic, now we use only cardboard and paper wrapping. The plastic we do use is 100% recyclable, but even so, we are working towards reducing it further. For a small business like us though, this takes time. It is expensive to repackage our products and any mistakes will cost us dearly, so we have to go slowly and carefully.

Our current project is changing our body cream jar from plastic to glass, just like we’ve recently done with our hand cream. This seems to have been a huge hit with our customers and it definitely makes the product feel more luxurious. We are so pleased with it! For one of our current products and for future products we are looking at providing refills where possible.

So, while we are by no means perfect, we are working on it! Reducing our plastic usage where we can and planning more sustainable products for the future.